Dear Intern,

Dear Intern,

Every year around this time I receive hundreds of internship requests. Enough that I am prompted to write down my expectations of any type of worker (intern or paid).

I personally do not care about the school you are in, what year of study, or what you need to graduate. Think about it like this: If someone wanted a paid position and wrote “yes, I would like a job because I need money to eat and pay my bills” would that be an acceptable way to convince me to bring you on? Probably not.

Better to do some research. Learn my brand, the concepts around it, and of course the products which I sell. Tell me if any of this inspires you. Show me that you will be a positive addition to my company.

I have taken interns in the past; the last one I had to make leave my company because they did not at all care about any of the activities, made careless mistakes, and finally didn’t even like coffee. I’m sorry, but they had to go. I want to avoid situations in the future like this, as it is a huge waste of time and energy for everyone involved.

I have a 1-man company. I do not have time to deal with someone who is an uninspired anchor.

Moreover, Amsterdam is a very expensive city and places are a very hard to find. I do not run a housing agency and there is very little I can do to help anyone in this situation (myself included).

So, what do I look for in a potential intern or worker? Is it job experience? Life experience? The way they look? The shoes on their feet?

No. I am only looking for passionate motivation. Someone who is willing to do their own research because they are interested in it. Someone that takes initiative on their own without being prompted. Someone who asks questions because they want to gain knowledge. It’s that simple.

Until I find someone who has these qualities, I really do not want to take anyone whatsoever on.

The coffee world is huge, with limitless possibilities. I would love to open that door for the right candidate.

So, think before you call or email. What’s my name? Dear Sir/ Madame is not going to get you very far. Are you composing your email like you would to a friend? Are there grammar or spelling mistakes in your email? Do you reference anything about my company or are you sending a generalized email that you send to all the companies?

Please do not call me. If you do not receive an email back it’s because I’m not interested.

It is my hope that this blog post will help you to understand the view from a manager’s eyes and it will help you to find a useful position, for you as well as the company; whether for my company or another.

If you feel like you would be a good addition to the company, and where it stands; after you have done your research and are eager to learn more, I am happy to be your inspiration and teacher in the dynamic world of coffee.

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