Bali Kintemani

Bali Kintemani

Indonesia, Bali


Taste:   Sweet and mild. Accessible with toffee, licorice wood (zoethout), and a hint of black pepper and cloves
12 -1400 masl
Varietal: Typica, Lini, Catimor
Relationship: Semi_Direct
Price: €8,00 per 250gr

Indonesia has the honor to be one of the first countries to have coffee transplanted in them by the Dutch in 1699. Directly after that time the island of Java became heavily cultivated, so much so that the name Java is synonymous with coffee. Java had such high cultivation that when leaf rust (plant killing fungus) hit in 1880s the island was completely decimated, and has never really fully recovered.

Sumatra is the best known modern Indonesian coffee producing island while Bali  is somewhat lesser known. Bali is characterized by quite large beans and are pretty clean (free from defects). The Balinese take great pride in the coffee they grow, as well as environmental stewardship.

This coffee was brought into the Netherlands by our partner Pelan beans, who works very closely with the farmers to achieve the optimal product, that the farmers are being paid a proper amount for the coffee, and the that environment is well taken care of. Because we do not have a direct line of communication to the farmer, this coffee must be considered to be semi-direct as we rely on Pelan to work as a between company.


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