Guatemala Direct Trade is on the way!

Finca Las Delicias specialty coffee

posted on FB June, 8th 2016

Manolo Muralles to Coffee Roasters Forum

Hi All,
Happy to share with you good news, we are doing ‪#‎directtrade‬. This week we exported our first direct trade nano lot. It wouldn’t be possible without this group and the support of Joshua , Michiel  & Direct Source Coffee.

It’s been a long process: planting the coffee trees years ago, taking care of them, collecting the cherries, processing at the wet mill, drying in African Tables, making contacts, sending samples to Joshua, receiving the visit from Michiel, solving international logistic problems, getting all the local authorizations and so on.

guatemala specialty coffee las delicias
guatemala specialty coffee las delicias

We would like to highlight the importance of #directtrade to make coffee production sustainable and improve farmers and societies life’s.

There is still a lot more work to do but this give us faith that we are in the right path. There are mistakes to correct and improve quality. Study varietal behaviors, altitude effects and a lot more.

Thanks for letting Us be part of this group. I hope we can share with you more about our story.

Manolo Muralles