We can provide wholesale coffee to those small businesses who give great value to high quality food.

personalized house blends are one solution we offer to the wholesale markets
Personalized House Blends

Here at Caffe Dolce Alchemia, we believe that you need a partner who understands the needs of your business and gives you the flexibility to create a final product that will keep people returning.

In order to achieve this we offer the following:
– Customized blends
– trainings and workshops for the staff as well as for your clients
– private labeling options
– selecting special beans that fit in your business model
– advice on machinery as well as assistance in maintenance and setup
– competitive pricing options

We do not offer supplier contracts, as it can hinder your ability to adapt to market trends.
Interested? Drop us an email to beans(a)caffedolcealchemia.com
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presents ideas for coffee amateurs
Personalized Labels and Stickers