What does sustainability mean?
Is it environmental or economic or maybe even something else?

Sustainability for Caffe Dolce Alchemia is defined by:

The coffee selection. The beans are 100% arabica beans which are directly traded with the farmers. By this method of trade, we can ensure that the farmer is receiving not only the financial means to support themselves, but also the knowledge and direct feedback about the quality as well as the performance with the coffee drinking public. Then based on that feedback, they can begin to adapt the growing and processing techniques for the drinkers needs.

By co-sharing our different experiences in the coffee world we are able to improve the living conditions of the farmers while improving the flavor of the final cup. This is very important for us, as it creates a win situation from the farm to the cup (and all points in between).

A coffee farmer, a direct importer and an artisan roaster working togetherA coffee farmer, a direct importer and an artisan roaster

Onwards to zero waste. The roasting at Dolce Alchemia is done with the
final goal of producing zero waste. The bi-products of the process, such as the chaff and used coffee grounds; are used in urban garden projects as compost as they are still rich in the nutrients that plants need in order to grow.
Previously they have been given to a mycologist to grow Shittake and Oyster mushrooms.

The used Jute bags are donated to various projects.

recycling coffee ground

The zero waste policy extends also to the Packaging. The bags we offer are FSC kraft paper on the outside and are lined with PE bioplastic which comes from sugar cane production.

While having a similar structure to petroleum based plastics, PE bioplastic takes 40% of the carbon out of the atmosphere and is far less damaging to the environment. The bags are aluminum free and are recyclable.
We do recognize that is is still not a perfect solution, but it is a step in the right direction and we are always searching for more sustainable options.

The print on the bags is with a non-toxic, water based paint; solvent free

Eco friendly packaging

Free information sharing. This cornerstone of the company is very important to the total evolution of the coffee chain. Dolce Alchemia does not believe in secrets and we share everything that we know in order to help everyone understand the importance of the world’s most consumed beverage. This includes developing Open Source projects, which can be found in the blog of the website.