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Las Delicias Guatemala

Las Delicias is a farm owned by Manolo Muralles, who has replanted the farm after his father had to abandon it in the 90’s due to poor coffee prices. After 4 years of hard work, in 2016 his first commercial crop was ready for the market. I am happy to have had a hand in importing this coffee into Europe and I am looking forward to tasting the progression of coffee over the next years.

This bean is very sweet with notes of roasted hazelnuts, milk chocolate and a green apple peel acidity.Catisic Variety, fully washed; grown at 1850 masl.

€8.00 per 250gr

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Cameroon Boyo

Cameroon has always been a commercial commodity coffee. That is, until Matti Foncha and his collective Cameroon Boyo started their operations. Now, it is known as an up and coming specialty East Africa country, the quality just keeps improving year after year. I am happy to be part of this growth.

This coffee is a sweet and honest coffee, with notes of chocolate and spices. It also has a sweet earthy tone that really rounds this coffee out. The beans are typica and Java II and the elevation is hard to determine as this is a village lot and can be grown between 1200 and 1800 masl.

€8.00 per 250gr

Alma Negra & Los Diamantes Negros from Las Lajas, Costa Rica

Since three generation the Chacon family farms the slopes of the Poas volcano in Alajuela, central valley. The fertile volcanic soils are on the basis of their high quality coffee. The Chacon’s are pioneers in organic production and sustainable practices in coffee production and are certified by the “Organic Food Federation”. Their estate is equipped with a state of the art micro mill where they process coffee on different, innovative ways. As an alternative to the fully washed process, the Las Lajas micro mill uses a Penagos Aquapulper which forms the basis for their various honey and natural coffees. The aquapulper’s settings determine the amount of fruit mucilage left around the beans. The sugar in the mucilage is absorbed in the bean which can create very funky and fruity flavors. This methods also decreases the amount of water used in production.

Alma Negra: This bean is a honey processed that cups like a natural. This coffee has a high acidity and flavours of cherries, plums, hints of vanilla and a lemon aftertaste. This coffee stands out with any brew method.

€8.00 per 250gr

Los Diamantes Negros: This ultimate honey cups like a Vanilla ice-cream with a pineapple swirl, which has got to be one of the most unique Costa Rican flavor experiences of my career.

€18.00 per 250gr

Ethiopia Sidama, Chire; Natural Process

This Sidama Chire was carefully selected by our friends at BNT export company, Ethiopia. BNT cooperate intimate with several washing stations. This bean was traded directly with Chire Washing station which is operated by the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (SCFCU for short), without interference of the ECX. This top notch coffee won a third place in the Taste of Harvest competition of 2015, scoring 91.75

This bean has a sweet and intense strawberry and raspberry flavor that is nicely balanced with a spicy chocolate finish. It is an Heirloom Variety, grown at an altitude of 1850 masl

€8.00 per 250gr