Artisan Roasting

Dolce Alchemia is an artisan coffee roastery in Amsterdam Noord.

The method of roasting is based around your personal preferences and brewing methods, exclusively in the lab.

We offer 100% Arabica Specialty coffee, carefully selected from trusted sources.

cupping time
Tasting Time

Sharing knowledge is the key for human evolution.

We give roasting and cupping workshops both to coffee professionals and beginners, whether these are for business or philanthropic purposes.

Ethiopia Coffee Farm
Sorting green beans in drying beds. Visit to a farm in Ethiopia.

Brotherhood from the farmer to the consumer.
Let’s stay positively connected and not in isolation. After all, this seems to be the answer to achieve happiness.

We are currently designing a roasting machine which will be available open source, once ready. This will bring a piece/tool of technology to those people who nowadays can only dream about.

Fibonacci Roaster
Fibonacci Roaster

To import a machine from the US or EU can be prohibitively expensive for coffee growers. But to have blueprints with detailed build instructions that they can take to a local metal worker, who can build the machine at a fraction of the cost that it would take to import a comparable machine.
Coffee enthusiasts can also build their own machine at home too.

The roaster design is based of the Fibonacci Sequence, which is a number sequence that makes a “Golden Spiral”.

Interested in our projects

For the industry’s professionals, these are our dedicated services:

  • Service and Customized roasts;
  • Customized Blending and Profile management/development;
  • Quality Control and Process management;
  • Roaster maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, and restorations;
  • Modification and modernization of existing coffee systems;
  • Roaster and Production consulting. 
coffee roaster machine parts
Probat UG 22 Burners
Alchemy, in the coffee context means ….
liberating the latent compounds from the green beans by applying heat
in the cooking process; and extracting, from the roasted,
those molecules of flavours trapped in them
and only fully revealed once brewing is completed.